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Aluminium alloy spars should be regularly and thoroughly washed in warm fresh water - it is essential that this is done before storing spars for any length of time (eg over winter). It is vital to remove all dirt, salt traces and salt water and then to dry the spar with a soft absorbent cloth (eg a towel).

Do not use any aggressive chemical cleaners or bleach.

Stainless steel rigging should be removed from the mast prior to storage as an electrolytic reaction can take place between the stainless steel and the aluminium mast, causing corrosion.

Super Spars masts are anodised, which should give a long, corrosion free life. If the anodised mast surface has worn in patches it should be thoroughly washed and any corrosion gently removed with fine emery paper or wet and dry.

Spars cannot be easily re-anodised and we recommend using either a coating of a good quality car or aircraft wax polish.

Sheaves should be regularly inspected for wear/ damage and replaced as appropriate

If spars are to be transported for long periods of (eg in containers), especially where humidity is high, it is essential that they are thoroughly dry and that stainless steel rigging is kept well away from the surface of the mast. A light coating of WD40 may also assist in preventing corrosion.

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