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Sailed at Ullswater Yacht Club on 23rd & 24th June.

SATURDAY — overcast sky, winds light and variable. The practice race and the first race were in the afternoon. The wind was generally northerly but very variable; runs turned into reaches and reaches into beats with bewildering rapidity. Young crews were told to ‘SIT STILL!’ while boats waited becalmed wondering where the wind would come from next.

By the time the race was over those who were lucky enough were glad to accept a tow home. That evening as well as the usual facilities that a club provides, e.g. the bar — there was a film show about the Olympics at Kiel.

SUNDAY — awakened at 5.30 a.m. by the sound of heavy rain on the tent, thought sleepily “That’s all that’s needed!”, curled up out of the way of drips and drifted off to sleep again. Fortunately by about 9.30 the rain had stopped but the lake  was glassy with the suspicion of a breeze  from the north. Everyone was soon out on the water sailing down to the start with thc exception of a few people who had been defeated by hay fever and decided to go home on Saturday. The start of the second race was down the lake which would give a beat up the lake to a mark near the club. However when at the start the wind swung right round to the south and a new course had to he set well away from the club. Full marks to the officer of the day (and all his helpers) who managed to set a decent line and a course in such shifts winds. He said exactly what he was going to do and did it. Incidently, greatest respect to the ladies who prepared the excellent meals and when asked how many they could cope with said they would cater for all-comers!

Fortunately the wind picked up for the last race — only force two or three but wasn’t it great to he moving? Finally a tribute to Ken Jepson who put more work into the event than any other single person.


Rank Sail number & name Helm & Crew Club
1 34241 - Sira D. S. Hawkin Northwich S.C.
2 7112 - Snark William K. Webber Northwich S.C.
3 18845 N. Modern Southport S.C.
4 1559 F. C. Udall Draycote Water S.C.
5 4485 - Mini Chris Maxfield Northwich S.C.
6 25761 F. J. Haslam Budworth S.C.
7 31832 P. Lincoln Sunderland Y.C.
8 29263 - Finnish Tit P. Robinson Ripon S.C.
9 30945 J. Wells White Rose S.A.
10 15166 T. Owen Northwich S.C.
11 25185 S. Longstaff Derwent Water S.C.
12 6417 D. Webster Ribble C.C.
13 35485 G. V. Hey Southport S.C.
14 39038 E. V. Lincoln Sunderland Y.C.
14 24010 J. Cheesbrough White Rose S.A.
14 24334 - Jinkie A. Dunn Clyde C.C.
17 3444 - Ripple H. Howarth Lake District B.C.
18 30006 A. Taylor Southport S.C.
19 22286 A. Thompson Derwent Water S.C.
20 33042 R. Major West Riding S.C.
21 31031 T. Coleshaw Nantwich B.C. S.C.
21 38939 J. Bennett South Shields S.C.
23 22011 N. M. Patrick Halifax S.C.
24 20996 T. W. Wright Clyde C.C.
25 4602 I. W. Wright Clyde C.C.
26 13931 T. Lodge Pennine S.C.
26 26825 H. B. Upton Brown Draycote Water S.C.
28 28164 R. Stannton Northwich S.C.
28 26811 D. Shard Wakefield S.C.
30 32096 W. W. Meddis Sunderland Y.C.
31 29829 J. L. Piper South Shields S.C.
32 23126 J. C. Patterson Tynemouth S.C.
32 6518 W. Hawdon Sunderland Y.C.
34 24855 K. D. Clark West Riding S.C.
35 27331 J. Parry Dovestone S.C.
36 7888 M. E. Pagett Lake District B.C.
37 21867 D. S. Paton Greenlee S.C.
37 31172 J. C. S. Smith Troon S.C.
37 10351 D. Evelyn Tynemouth S.C.
40 32835 I. B. Dodsworth Ripon S.C.
41 38883 B. Farris Delph S.C.
41 24961 D. McClay Troon S.C.
43 19801 H. MacKinnon Troon S.C.
44 18552 S. Woodford Draycote W. S.C.
45 18763 J. Raine Oreenlee S.C.
45 31057 D. A. Tinsley Delph S.C.
47 37743 J. A Walker Wakefield S.C.
48 29065 A. J. Pickles  
49 20154 C. Baines Lake District B.C.
50 764 P. Tunnicliffe Halifax S.C.
50 32478 W. H. Pass. Pennine S.C.
52 5881 E. U. Sanderson Ullswater Y.C.
53 25568 K. Milne Groenlee S.C.
54 4702 J. Owen Tynemouth S.C.
55 14166 E. M. Woodhead Scammonden Water S.C.
56 23724 J. F. Bray Ribble C.C.
57 14592 R. Saynor Yorkshire Ouse S.C.
58 27403 F. Hancock Clyde C.C.
58 23824 G. Wilcock Southport S.C.
60 34200 K. Gill Delph S.C.
61 33656 G. Hodgson Ullswater Y.C.
62 29016 G. Dixon Lake District B.C.

Editor's note - This article is from Reflections No. 11 Autumn 1973, page 4 and has been captured by OCR, so typos & errors are possible.

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