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An excellent day for racing Mirrors, with 36 boats on the water and a nice south westerly wind force 3-4, good food and good company.

All so exciting we hardly noticed the odd drop of rain, close racing all the way through the fleet, keen competition for every place. It was nice to see a high standard of sailing throughout the event, under the guidance of Race Officer Hugh Conway and his team.

In the three sailing races, we were competing for the Mirror Trophy, presented last year for the first time by Rolfe Kennard and Lapworth and won by Sidmouth.


This year the home club was pleased to win it for the first time, but only just with the close racing and results.

The crucial point was won in the last 100 metres of the second race, when Paul Irons and Roger Doglas took the lead from Howard Tear and Rachel Hoyland, who had won the first race and led for most of the second.

The rowing race, with an “L” shaped course, was well supported, with much encouragement from the shore for the eight rowing teams.

We were pleased to have good support of visiting boats from Sidmouth, Weston , Shearwater, Itchenor, Bishop Wordsworth School (BWS) and Reading. Please come again next year.

P.S. Nicholson, Mirror Class Captain

P.S. During the last 100 metres of the second race, first class tactics were involved when Paul and Roger sailed Howard and Rachel under the lee of the island on starboard sufficiently to slow them down a little, but not enough to let the third boat through. Last year’s winners, Miles and Neil Hapgood were just behind and a small windshift could have put them first — one minute separated the first three boats — an excellent close race.

Abbreviated Results - first 3 in each race only.

Youth prizes - under 19 on the day, Junior prizes - under 15 on the day.

Rank Boat   Club R1 R2 R3  
1 M 68302 - Penguin Pie Paul Irons & Roger Douglas Spinnaker 2 1 1  
2 M 66600 - Waferdanos Howard Tear & Rachel Hoyland Weston 1 2 3  
3 M 50593 Ian & Tom Campbell Spinnaker 3   2  
4 M 60100 - Super Sidewinder Richard Baker & R. Vincent Weston       1st Youth
5 M 59604 Miles & Neal Hapgood Sidmouth   3    
6 M 19691 - No Kiddin' Peter & Michael Hewitt Shearwater        
7 M 46682 M. & T. Hughes Spinnaker       2nd Youth
8 M 67676 - Lizzie Tonkin N. & K. Mockford Itchenor        
9 M 68456 A. Narracott & M. Starkey Reading        
10 M 68206 D. Posta & J. Channing Sidmouth        
11 M 63174 J. Wiggington & J. Wardle Weston        
12 M 68207 - Miles Behind A. Hapgood & D. Ruddle Sidmouth       1st Junior
13 M 66550 A. Nicholson & S. Beresford Spinnaker       2nd Junior
14 M 19418 T. & Y. Luetchford Weston        
15 M 67660 G. Bell & M. Channing Weston        
16 M 46770 J. Anderson & W. Arnold Spinnaker        
17 M 23016 J. & E. Clarke Spinnaker        
18 M 56684 P. Nicholson & C. Holland Spinnaker        
19 M 3386 M. Kiziriam & J. Hewitt Spinnaker       3rd Youth
20 M 14664 C. & L. Sheppard Spinnaker        
21 M 32653 D. & J.Barratt Spinnaker        
22 M 28223 B. & D.Quinn Spinnaker        
23 M 63491 D. Martin & S. Gooddeer Sidmouth        
23 M 38182 M. & J. Holland B.W.S.        
23 M 26364 J. & M. Parry Spinnaker        
26 M 3116 J. Plumley & G. Richey Spinnaker        
27 M 68065 M. & J. Greenland Spinnaker        
28 M 39660 D. Warbey & J. Garton Spinnaker        
29 M 20342 T. Wade B. Harris Spinnaker        
30 M 66467 - Gandalf the Grey C. & W. Swift Weston        
31 M 40132 B. & D.Allen Spinnaker        
31 M 24341 J. & A. Yogev Spinnaker        
31 M 68111 James & Andrew Hewitt Shearwater        
31 M 63454 Maddock Wardle Weston        
31 M 54013 J. & A. Whiteside Spinnaker        
31 M 59621 E. & M. Waite Spinnaker        


Rowing Race
1st M. Mockford and K. Mockford M 67676
2nd M. Greenland and J. Greenland M 68065
3rd M. Holland and H. Nicholson M 38182

Editors Note: This article is from Reflections No. 79 Winter 1988, page 10. It has been captured by OCR, so typos & errors are possible.

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