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Chris Szedlak from the University of Southampton's Sport and Wellbeing department delivers a 30-minute home workout for youth and adult sailors (not recommended for juniors). Part of Project #SailFromHome

I've tried to list the elements

Warm Up

  1. Jogging on the spot
  2. High knees on the spot
  3. Arm circles
  4. Back slaps
  5. Round the world
  6. Walk outs
  7. Side lunges

Circuit (30 seconds on, 30 seconds off)

  1. Goblin squats
  2. Single leg glute bridge
  3. Press ups variations (not kneeling)
  4. Reverse lunge
  5. Press up stars
  6. Inverted (something ? i.e. pull up under table)
  7. press up variation
  8. curl up

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