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Daily Mirror, 33 Holborn London EC1

VSS/MD.                                                                                                                                                                               Date as postmark

Dear Member,

This will be my last newsletter before we depart next month for our trip to the South of France. And talking of that, I must tell you that the closing date for this wonderful holiday (May 31 - June 11) is April 30th - we can still accommodate a few more, but you must hurry. As I sit writing this letter, the view from my office Window shows a dismal, dank, bitterly cold London with snow on the rooftops so I, for one, cannot wait to feel the glowing warmth of Mediterranean sunshine on my back.

Mind you, there are a few compensations for those unfortunate people can’t be with us (see the fixture list in your Year Book) and as a reminder I give below a supplementary list of amendments and late fixtures:-

1st May             READING SAlLING CLUB                      Open Meeting


(Write to Mr.F.Boweil,
Brighton S.C., Port Hall Rd.,
Brighton, Sussex).

29/30th May      GRESFORD SAIlING CLUB                    Open Meeting


26th June          NEWQUAY SAILING CLUB                    Open Meeting

(This amends the Year Book entry).

13th August       PENARTH SAILING CLUB                      Open Meeting

Whilst on the subject of clubs, I must mention that the Lancing Sailing Club, Sussex now accepts Mirror dinghies.

Now for two new services which we have arranged for you. First of all you will find enclosed a leaflet giving you fill details of sailing clothing which is being specially designed and supplied by Jack Holt Ltd. to Mirror Class Association members. Many of you have asked for this service to be available so now’s your chance to achieve sartorial elegance combined with safety.

Another facility resulting from popular demand is the new Mirror Class car badge - these are now available from this office and each costs only 30/-d (including postage and packing). Cheques/Postal Orders should be made out to the Mirror Class Association and it is important that you specify whether you require bumper bar or grille fixing badge. Although we supply the two different styles, we do not include fixing bolts because of the complications caused by wide variety needed.

That’s all for now. For the next four weeks, I shall be preparing for my fortnight in France - I have saved my £59 and, with the saving of £15 brought about by the free petrol we are all getting, I should have some pocket money sample the vins and casino after each days sailing. The next time I write to you will be after I return fit and sunbronzed from my Mediterranean holiday.

Yours sincerely,

Victor S. Shaw

Editors note: This newsletter is un-dated (as we don't have the envelope with the postmark), but we know the first ‘Mirror Holiday’ trip to the South of France was in 1966, departing 31st May. There was also an event in Brighton on 14th May 1966, and with the comment that final entries have to be received by 30th April, we can deduce this newsletter dates to around mid-April 1966. It has been digitized by Optical Character Recognition (OCR), so typos & errors are possible.


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