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To enter one or more boats for the 2021 Gul British Mirror Nationals, please use the following procedure. Note that by entering a boat, you are entering into a legal contract with the Organising Authority. Thus, the person entering the boat needs to be an adult. No problem for the sailors to be children, it's just the person who enters into the contract has to be an adult.

1) Read the Notice of Race (opens a new window). It's a condition of entry that you state that you have read this document.

 2) Browse to Restronguet Sailing Club's WebCollect site (opens a new window). If you already have a WebCollect account (e.g. if you have already registered your intererst in attending the 2021 Nationals, or are a member of a club or society which uses WebCollect), then sign in. If not, you need to sign up for an account by filling in the boxes on the right and following further instructions.

3) Browse to the event option you want to enter either by browsing 'Upcoming Restronguet events' or 'Open events' or clicking the link enter Gul British Nationals.

4) Click the 'Add to basket >' button.

5) If you want to enter a second boat, just click the 'Add to basket' button again. Repeat this step to add more entries.

6) Once you have all the entries you need in your basket, you need to start the 'Checkout' process by pressing the checkout button.

7) Confirm your account details (don't ask me why it does this).

8) The entry form will open. Fill it in for the boat you want to enter and press the 'Save >' button. Note that it is possible to update the entry form (e.g. change the sail number) after you have entered, see step 14 below.

9) If you have two or more entries, when you save the first entry form, the second one appears. Fill it in as per 8) above.

10) When the final entry form has been saved, you will be taken to the Order Confirmation page. At this point you can see all the entry options you are about to purchase in your basket with links to remove any of them, or update the entry form for each one. You choose a method to pay. The 'Online Direct Debit' means using GoCardless . The alternative is PayPal which is probably the easiest if you don't already have GoCardless set up with Webcollect. Press the 'Enter Payment >' button to pay.

11) You can sign out of Webcollect if you have finished.

12) You will receive a confirmation e-mail from WebCollect listing your purchase(s).

13) If you have children under the age of 18 sailing in the event, you will need to download a parent/guardian form for each child, fill it in, and bring it with you to Registration.

14) If you need to update some fields on your entry form, you can go back to Webcollect and edit your entry form as follows:

 Login to Webcollect & find "My Tickets" on the left of your "My home" screen, click "Details of all tickets" to see a list of everything you have purchased. If you click the link in the right hand column, which is headed "Form", your entry form will open and you can edit fields and save the updated entry form.


You can see who has already entered. Note that entires paid by GoCardless take several working days for the money to be transferred to the RSC account, in the meantime such payments appear in red as 'unpaid'. All UK sailors need to be members of the Mirror Class Association, as per the NOR 3.3.

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