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 A GRP Mirror dinghy full of leaves and looking like it's been left almost full of water for years


GRP hull built by Holt Boats? It appears to have most, if not all, the characteristics of a Holt GRP Mirror, but is the earliest I have come across so far. This date of 1979 is assuming the number of the hull really is 62846 (i.e. the sails are not from another boat). The jib looks like it has a Jeckells sailmakers logo on it (you can just see it in one photo), I would expect the original sails to be made by Holt.


This Mirror Dinghy has been found in the hedge at a College by an employee. He has been given permission to restore with the help of students and possibly get it on the water. He was pleased to discover that it is GRP and so the only woodwork to restore is the tiller wood, centreboard, boom etc. Everything seems to be there including a set of sails.

The sail number reads 62846. This would put it at around 1979 - this is a great deal earlier than other Holt GRP Mirrors!

As you can see it seems to have been painted. An area of split/peeling paint on the bow shows a light blue which may have been her original colour.

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