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 This event was held in blazing sunshine, but marred by an almost total lack of wind. However, the excellently laid courses of the Race Officer, Patrick Elcombe, enabled those taking part to benefit from what wind there was.

The practice race was a runaway win for J. Reece in ‘Gemeni.’ The important lesson learned from the practice was that, to survive the next race, an ample supply of liquid refreshment would have to be taken afloat in the stowage compartment, for the temperature was topping 90F.

This was a much more exciting affair, with Chris Maxfield sailing ‘Mini’ winning a very close tacking battle with ‘Gemeni.’ closely followed by J. Austin in ‘Wibbly Wobbly'. Mark Rushall in ‘Goldrush’ and D. Mellar in ‘Orion'. who had fought an evenly-balanced contest for 3rd, 4th and 5th places respectively.

Sunday morning started with an 180° change in wind direction, and an increase in strength to Force 2, but this died with the start of the second points race. J. Reece set off well and led for the first lap, but Chris Maxfield now had the bit between his teeth, and set off in hot pursuit to finish an easy winner, with Mark Rushall taking 3rd place and A. Lewis 4th.

The last race of the Championship saw another 180° wind change, and extremely fluky shifts to contend with. Chris Maxfield went for the leeward end of the line, and gambled by hugging the lee bank of the lake. This looked flat calm, but his tactics paid off, for he picked up the thermal current from under the trees and ghosted away from everyone to win by 14 minutes. Those in the fleet who had decided that ‘Mini’ was the boat to follow became virtually becalmed, when their courage failed them, by not sailing close enough to the bank. Mark Rushall came in 2nd, and S. Simpson in ‘Wacky Takes Flight’ (he has won the two previous Open Meetings at the Middle Nene) moved into 3rd place to take fourth prize.

Rank Boat Sailors Club
1 51031 - Mini Chris Maxfield Northwich S.C.
2 33 - Gemini J. Reece I.P.C. Y.C.
3 48010 - Goldrush Mark Rushall Draycote Water S.C.
4 48053 - Wacky Takes Flight S. Simpson Draycote Water S.C.
5 46620 - Orion D. Mellar Aldridge S.C.
6 23628 R. Frost Ely S.C.
7 34502 - Wibbly Wobbly J. Austin Cransley S.C.
8 37888 S. Clark Ely S.C.
9 18552 M. Upton-Brown Draycote S.C.
10 42152 F. Cole Melton Mowbray S.C.
11 4018 A. Bispham Draycote Water S.C.
12 51 M. Boutwood I.P.C. Y.C.
13 24709 L. Jones Middle Nene Cruising Club
14 26825 R. Upton-Brown Draycote Water S.C.
15 10488 T. Pickering Hollowell S.C.
16 23456 J. Ayres Kingsmead S.C.
17 15290 D. Taylor Cransley S.C.
18 19810 M. Diss Ely S.C.
19 23955 E. Fincham-Nicholls Hollowell S.C.
20 26125 I. Fleming Draycote Water S.C.
21 28837 A. Lewis Middle Nene Cruising Club
22 28312 E. Mellar Aldridge S.C.
23 35514 R. Cave Northampton S.C.
24 29096 B. Akroyd Cransley S.C.
25 42092 R. Ayres Kingsmead S.C.
26 25850 T. Cherrill Kingsmead S.C.
27 40496 T. Tilley Ely S.C.
28 28833 M. Ecob Mellon Mowbray S.C.
29 43234 C. Eales Draycote Water S.C.
30 49299 D. Degge Sandwell S.C.
31 39242 A. Gardener Staunton Harold S.C.
32 28287 K. Gardener Staunton Harold S.C.
33 37523 M. Steam Melton Mowbray S.C.
34 34265 T. Castle Draycote Water S.C.
35 26835 M. Flalford Melton Mowbray S.C.
36 38658 P. Auger Southampton S.C.
37 23438 I. Woodward Hoveringham S.C.
38 46445 J. Earp Draycote Water S.C.
39 44428 B. Austin Cransley S.C.
40 7561 A. Wright Middle Nene Cruising Club
41 38874 T. Rice Middle Nene Cruising Club
42 8678 F. Aidridge Middle Nene Cruising Club
43 40128 J. Blyth Middle Nene Cruising Club
44 1510 W. Childs Draycote Water S.C.
45 33577 M. Emerson Middle Nene Cruising Club
46 15451 N. Holden Middle Nene Cruising Club
47 513 A Stafford Hoveringham S.C.
48 31119 A. Hill Melton Mowbray S.C.
49 41879 R. Amey Middle Nene Cruising Club
50 42980 J. Evans Middle Nene Cruising Club
51 4752 R. Graham Ely S.C.
52 50806 J. Catlin Datchet S.C.
53 38926 M. Cox Hoveringham S.C.
54 37763 T. Blackett Wisbech S.C.
55 34814 J. Knightly Middle Nene Cruising Club
56 9600 M. Abercrombie Reading S.C.
57 31917 P. Neville Middle Nene Cruising Club
58 41983 A. Johnson Middle Nene Cruising Club
59 34569 R. Spence Club unknown
60 19952 - Madcap Ian Capener Ragley S.C.
61 9956 P. Castle Emberton Park S.C.



Editors Note: This article is from Reflections No. 26 October 1976, page 11. It has been captured by OCR, so typos & errors are possible.

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