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Was held at the British Steel Corporation Sailing Club, Margam. This was the largest Welsh Area Championship ever, and, in the opinion of many old hands, the finest to be held in Wales. Perhaps competitors were attracted by good camping facilities at the waterside, others by easy access by motorway. There is no doubt that much credit for the turnout goes to the hard work of Pam Gough and company of British Steel Corporation Sailing Club.

Graham Ellis (Gresford Sailing Club) M17342 is undoubtedly the Welsh Champion, with superb sailing. Never missing a wind-shift, he achieved four well- earned first places. He did not have it all his own way, however; he was forced to fight every inch of the way by young South Wales helms. The lead changed frequently, and Justin Taylor (Barry Yacht Club) M42646 came a very close second. indeed, with a little more luck, places could have been reversed.

So successful was this event, so warm was our welcome, so excellently organised, that it will not be long before the Mirrors return to the Steel Pond for another Area meeting.

Rank Boat Sailors Club
1 17342 - Wiz-O Graham Ellis Gresford S.C.
2 42646 - Hunky Dory Justin Taylor Barry Y.C.
3 32491 - Pumpkin Alan Titmus Llanlegfedd S.C.
4 46620 - Orion G. Mellor Aldridge S.C.
5 39057 - Tiger Rag Julian 'Tiger' Bridges Mumbles Y.C.
6 12343 - Aderyn Bach Bryan Taylor Mumbles Y.C.
7 42417 P. Davies Mumbles Y.C.
8 31767 D. Hutchinson Mumbles Y.C.
9 3012 W. Stephens River Towey Y.C.
10 13976 D. Crookston Mumbles Y.C.
11 22151 H. Stephens Barry Y.C.
12 49688 G. Mathews Frampton on Severn S.C.
13 35381 J. Snell Barry Y.C.
14 24935 S. Thomas Barry Y.C.
15 47499 - Tiddlywink Richard Davies Mumbles Y.C.
16 11004 S. Harries Neyland Y.C.
17 20403 M. Robinson Llandegfedd S.C.
18 31114 B. Corbett Mumbles Y.C.
19 7467 P. Gough British Steel Corp. S.C.
20 4112 M. Richards British Steel Corp. S.C.
21 21882 D. Griffiths British Steel Corp. S.C.
22 17161 B. Baldwin British Steel Corp. S.C.
23 47562 D. Edwards British Steel Corp. S.C.
24 40468 C. Harris British Steel Corp. S.C.
25 17545 T. Harper M.Y.C.
26 32001 A. Gough British Steel Corp. S.C.
27 23106 J. Lewis M. Y.C.
28 23934 M. Child M. Y.C.
29 52645 B. Blezard British Steel Corp. S.C.
30 38999 M. Rem River Towey
31 10059 V. Leatherby British Steel Corp. S.C.
32 22367 J. Parry British Steel Corp. S.C.
33 26960 K. Adams British Steel Corp. S.C.
34 52846 K. Ratcliffe British Steel Corp. S.C.
35 43529 J. Sadler British Steel Corp. S.C.
36 29666 L. Knott Llangorse S.C.
37 10514 J. Williams River Towey Y.C.
38 12527 T. Powell River Towey Y.C.
39 10547 J. Williams British Steel Corp. S.C.
40 51692 D. Ruddle British Steel Corp. S.C.
41 22133 J. Griffiths Mumbles Y.C.
42 22697 L. Pursey British Steel Corp. S.C.
43 35035 D. Francis River Towey Y.C.
44 46317 C. Bell River Towey Y.C.
45 44498 K. Roberts British Steel Corp. S.C.
46 29969 D. Sterky M.Y.C.

The above 46 results are from an original entry of 48 boats.

Editors Note: This article is from Reflections No. 26 October 1976, page 12 & 16. It has been captured by OCR, so typos & errors are possible.

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