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This event was held on a brilliantly hot day in June (Sunday 27th) on a stretch of water that has only suffered marginally from evaporation, so it was somewhat diappointing that more boats did not take part.

The winds were reasonable - apart from in the first race when the course was shortened to three laps - although they proved to be rather shifty. In each of the three races the result was the same:
Martin Garside of Huddersfield S.C. in M14907 (sailing without a spinnaker) first; second John Wells, captain of the home club Mirror fleet in M30945 and in third position Alan Gillard of Sheffield Viking, M36997. There was much jockeying for places further down the fleet with the visitors generally outsailing the home helmsmen/women. One feature that spoilt the sailing for a total of four boats was failure of gaff rigging which made the more fortunate inspect their gear at the end of the day!

Rank Boat Sailors Club
1 14907 Martin Garside Huddersfield S.C.
2 30945 John Wells Ripon S.C.
3 36997 Alan Gillard Sheffield Viking S.C.


Editors Note: This article is from Reflections No. 26 October 1976, page 17. It has been captured by OCR, so typos & errors are possible.

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