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Visitors from Seasalter, Oxford, Stokes Bay, Sutton Bingham, Lymington Town, Spinnaker and Lilliput Sailing Clubs joined with the keener members of the host club to create a fleet of 23 for Poole's Mirror Open Meeting.

For the first race just on high water saw Gordon Foley in ‘Minnie Mouse’ leading at the windward mark with ‘Hot Pot Too', 'Apple Pie', 'Tom Thumb' and ‘Aquaforus Too,’ in close contention.

On the close reach to Piccadilly, those using spinnakers drew away from the fleet. By the end of the first triangle, ‘Minnie Mouse’ had increased his lead, but ‘Apple Pie,’ ‘Neutrino,’ ‘Aquaforus Too’ and ‘Hot Pot Too’ were in pursuit with the rest of the fleet spread out. By this time the tide was beginning to effect the course and those who kept to the channel to 53 buoy. The leaders kept their positions with the result of the first race being: 1st ‘Minnie Mouse,’ G. and N. Foley; 2nd ‘Apple Pie,’ Tich Horton and Sylvia Allen; 3rd ‘Neutrino,’ Roger Pedley and Martin Forsythe; 4th ‘Tom Thumb,’ Colin Rainback and Neil Thomas.

By the afternoon the wind moved round south westerly and increased to Force 5. It was apparent as the fleet left the shore that there would be some retirements. Just before the start, ‘Cleo’ and ‘Calypso’ came to grief at the gun, a tacking duel this time to ‘Balls Lake’ between ‘Minnie Mouse,’ ‘Apple Pie,’ ‘Neutrino’ and ‘Aquaforus Too’ developed and they rounded the mark in this order. A rather hairy reach to Piccadilly kept the use of spinnakers to a minimum and 8567 sailed by R. Bickerton and his mother, took a ducking. Most helms managed the gybe mark well, although Mark White in ‘Hot Pot Too’ lost his centre board, through the bottom of the boat?! On the further reach to ‘C’ can, Tich Horton in ‘Apple Pie,’ whilst laying second, decided to go for a swim when his tiller broke. Fortunately he did not let go of the mainsheet and was able to scramble back on board but lost his second position. At the end of the first lap, Gordon Foley with young son Nicholas, was well established in the lead with ‘Neutrino’ chasing in second spot and ‘Aquaforus Too', ‘Tom Thumb’ and ‘Twink’ battling for the lower positions. As the wind got up, several of the inland waters competitors decided the conditions were against them and gracefully retired and to the relief of some exhausted helms, the O.O.D. shortened the course with the result: 1st ‘Minnie Mouse;’ 2nd ‘Neutrino;’ 3rd ‘Aquaforus Too;’ 4th ‘Twink,’

With both races to count the overall winners were Gordon and Nick Foley from Stokes in ‘Minnie Mouse’ 44438, 2nd for the home club Poole, ‘Neutrino’ 12673 sailed by Roger Pedley with a newcomer to sailing on the day, Martin Forsythe, 3rd, from ‘Seasalter,’ brothers Mark and Guy Wilkins in ‘Aquaforus Too’ 39508, 4th and 5th were Poole Club members, Colin Rainback and Neil Thomas in Tom Thumb’ 37365 and Carolyn and Roy Owers in ‘Twink’ 21094.

Rank Boat Sailors Club R1 R2
1 44438 - Minnie Mouse Gordon & Nick Foley Stokes Bay S.C. 1 1
2 12673 - Neutrino Roger Pedley & Martin Forsythe Poole Y.C. 3 2
3 39508 - Aquaforus Too Mark & Guy Wilkins Seasalter   3
4 37365 - Tom Thumb Colin Rainback & Neil Thomas Poole Y.C. 4  
5 21094 - Twink Carolyn and Roy Owers Poole Y.C.   4
  Apple Pie Tich Horton and Sylvia Allen   2  
  26540 - Hot Pot Too Mark White Poole Y.C.    
  8567 R. Bickerton      


Editors Note: This article is from Reflections No. 26 October 1976, page 19. It has been captured by OCR, so typos & errors are possible.

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