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I understand some boats are racing with forestay systems similar to the photo above where the forestay leads to a purchase with a cleat near the mast foot. This system was ruled illegal by ISAF in 2010, but prior to that it was fitted to some boats (mainly Winders). If you have such a system, please change it to comply with the class rules.

The class rules applying are:

6.1.4 The method of attachment of the forestay shall be

(i) directly to the forestay attachment fitting

(ii) by a rigging adjuster plate or link.

(iii) by a rigging screw

(iv) by a shackle or shackles

(v) by rigging which may include a purchase, blocks and a cleat which shall be attached to the forestay attachment fitting or the forestay only.

6.1.7 The shrouds and the forestay shall not be altered while racing.



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