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Overall the Half Term Frolics at Beaver Sailing Club were a very successful event, the standard of sailor ranged from raw beginner to battle hardened championship racer. With Richard Benson as an experienced coach leading the session, some top class teaching and learning took place.

On the Thursday it was an overcast day with winds forecasted at 10 knots, but we only ever saw a max of 4. This proved challenging for the trainees; especially Connor and Jess who had only ever sailed twice before.  However they took on board advice and encouragement and improved rapidly throughout the 2 days. The trainees spent the day working on roll tacking and roll gybing in racing situations and also looked at key aspects of fast sailing, focusing on boat handling mainly. A slalom course was set up and the sailors had to weave in between the marks, tacking through every upwind mark and gybing downwind. This drilled in the importance of quick efficient tacks whilst looking out for other boats.

On Friday the wind was forecast to be 1-3 knots but we got more than the day before. A steady 10 knot breeze blew until the end of the day when it dropped off. The focus of the day was again on the racing side of sailing where practice downwind starts where utilised to get the trainees thinking about boat position, timing and the rules!  A gate taught the basics of line bias as trainees chose which mark they wanted to round at the bottom of the run to make their way back up to the finish. After lunch Richard ran a session on lane holding off the start line and then finished with a race at the end of the day which was won by visitors from Pennine SC - Rachael and Amy Jenkins.

Thank you to Matt Grayson for organising the event as it was a great success and lots of positive feedback was shared. Thanks to Richard Benson for some great coaching and imparting tons of knowledge on the trainees. Many thanks also to Helen Grayson and Majella Dean for running the galley and supplying Farmer Copley’s sausage rolls for lunch.

by Eddie Grayson.

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