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These are known issues with the Kunena forum system, so no point reporting them to me.

HTML tags in Posts

Some posts have HTML tags in them, for example: “<font color=navy>”, “</font id=navy>”, “” (as in “£20”),...... These problems were also present on the previous Forum system phpBB.  Looks like all of the problems came moving from Snitz forums which we used on the "Jan Grieg-Gran" website from around 1998 to 2009, to phpBB forums. At a guess, the Snitz forums supported HTML tags in posts, but neither phpBB or Kunena do.

According to the wiki “It is expected that, from Kunena 2.0 onwards, there will be a new parser that will accommodate HTML code in messages and announcements”, so that will fix it (I hope). We are currently running Kunena 1.7 I have no idea when version 2.0 will come out.

Posts in the wrong order

Some topics (not all) have some post IDs (again, not all) which have NOT been created in date & time order. The post IDs are created by the previous phpBB forum system. However, phpBB uses the actual date and time of the post to determine the order in which they are displayed.  Kunena 1.7 uses the post ID to order posts for the User according to the preference they have expressed in their profile ("First post first" or "Last post first"). It does not use the actual date and time of the post. Hence if, for some reason phpBB, creates post IDs which are not in date and time order, the topic does not display correctly in Kunena.

This problem has been flagged up to the Kunena development team. I understand Kunena 2.0 will use the actual date and time of the post to determine the order in which they are displayed. So this problem should disappear when version 2.0 is released and we install it. In the mean time, fixing the problem by hand would be very time comsuming.

Posts where the User's name is not displayed

Some posts don't display the user's name.  The corresponding posts on the previous phpBB forum systme are not displayed at all, so you can get a topic where a reply has been posted, but you can't see the question. At least on Kunena you can see the question, if not who asked it. At the moment I have no idea why this is happening.

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