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some low resolution photos of 70500 - 'Wind Whisper', the second Winder Mirror sold

In 2006 the International Mirror Class Association asked Phil Morrison to restyle the interior of the Mirror dinghy for GRP construction. The result is known as a Mk 3 interior which has no cuddies, dished decks, curved bulkheads, a raised platform for the mast step, and wrap over gunwales. The requirement for a hole in the skeg was also removed so the skeg could be formed as part of the hull mould. The result is a boat which can made from just 3 moulds - hull, deck and thwart/daggerboard case top.

Some better quality photos of a Winder Boats Mk3, this is Dave Wade's Mirror 70966 - White Phantom at the 2020 Dinghy Show

Winder Boats were the first builder to make moulds for Mk3s and started making boats in 2007. There are now two other builders in Australia, one in South Africa and one in Belgium. Constructed using GRP foam sandwich (FRP).

Harken fit out of a Winder Boats Mk 3 by P&B, this is Dave Wade's Mirror 70966 - White Phantom

Widely regarded as the best Mirror available with a price tag new to match (£4-5K+ depending on specification. They hold their value, so not much cheaper 2nd hand.



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