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As is normal with major sailing championships, there will be measurement checks on boats and equipment to ensure everybody is complying with the rules. The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) require all boats which race to comply with class rules and have a valid certificate.

Even when you are club racing, or sailing in a local regatta, your boat should be in compliance with the rules. The only thing that is different at this event is that compliance will be checked and, to encourage those who are new to racing to take part, there is a “Bronze” fleet for Mirrors without certificates or with unmeasured sails etc. Needless to say only boats that comply with the rules (those sailing in the “Gold” and “Silver” fleets) can win the major prizes.

For those in the “Gold” and “Silver” fleets, there will be checks on basic things in the class rules;

  • All boats have measurement certificates (normally an A4 sheet issued by your National Authority such as the RYA or the Irish Sailing Association) in the name of, and signed by, the current owner.
  • The certificate must be endorsed to show the boat has passed a buoyancy test within the past year.
  • All sails have been signed by a measurer or have ISAF In-House certification stickers on them.
  • All sailors are members of their National Mirror Class Association

We will also be carrying out some inspections. All boats will have their sails checked, some boats will be have their hull, daggerboards, rudders, masts and spinnaker poles checked. There may also be spot checks on boats during the championships (for example on correctors, sails not hoisted above the black band etc.).

Please note that the International Class has voted against “adjustable forestay” systems. A new version of the rules banning their use will become effective next week.

Please do not come to the championships with unmeasured sails or out of date buoyancy or the incorrect sail number on your sails. Get everything sorted before you come. Although there will be measurers in attendance, they may be busy and charging premium rates for their services.

Annual buoyancy tests or inspections may be carried out either by a Mirror Class Measurer or by any properly appointed Club Officer. Details of the test are given in rule 4.

There is a list of Mirror Class Measurers in the list of International Class measurers on the RYA website here Class measurers can measure hulls, rigs, foils and sails.

If you just have sails that need measuring, any RYA Sail Measurer can do this. Once again there is a list on the RYA website here

New sail numbers can be purchased from a sailmaker or any of the major chandlery shops (Trident, P&B, Speed). You can save money and make your own numbers (hours of fun!). You need to buy some sticky-backed black nylon from your local sailmaker. Use the numbers on an old sail as a template to get the size correct. If you trace onto the backing paper, remember the number has to be drawn on reversed so the black side reads correctly. Acetone is good for getting the sticky mess from the old number off. Don’t forget that the numbers on the starboard side go above the ones on the port side.

Martin Egan

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