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A page of a 1960s publicity brochure for the Mirror dinghy, this page features a Mirror on top of a Mini car

Around the end of 1963 the Daily Mirror newspaper (Publicity Department I guess) produced a colour, fold out, brochure about the Mirror dinghy. It contains some photographs from the 1963 National Championships, but no photos of sail numbers above 661 - Wahine, which suggests it was late 1963 or early 1964, probably the former, so it would have been available for the 1964 London Boat Show. The links are to a poor scan of a poor quality original (8.4Mb). We also have some photographs of a better quality original, taken by the Victora & Albert museum as part of their exhibition of Plywood Artifacts in 2017. These photos are

  1. 2016JL4415.jpg (4.6Mb) - top half of outside
  2. 2016JL4414.jpg (4.6Mb) - bottom half of outside
  3. 2016JL4416.jpg (5.2Mb) - whole of inside
  4. 2016JL4417.jpg (12.8Mb) - front page (i.e. part of 1.)
  5. 2016JL4418.jpg (10.6Mb) - outside page featuring Mirror on a Mini (i.e. part of 1.)

Some of the photos are by Eileen Ramsay. It was still in use around 1968 - 1969 when my dad brought us our first Mirror.


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