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We started the second National Junior squad weekend at Rutland Sailing Club (one of the few up north) with a rushed rig. We were all eager to get on the water after the last weekend at Weymouth. We all changed quickly and headed up to the briefing room to be greeted by Matt McGovern and his full time sailing brother; Johnny who told us that we still wouldn't be finding out who our new coach was till the next weekend. We were focusing on boat handling and starting over the weekend. It was about 13 knots so we started with an around the clock exercise followed by trigger starts, numbered starts, follow my leader, river bank and floating buoy races with a short brake around half way through for lunch. After a very tiring day on the water we de-rigged and changed for a debriefing with Johnny and very useful video feedback. Then we all off to the canteen for a well earned supper and then off to the pub for chips. . .

On Sunday we were up bright and early for another great day, and started with a fitness circuit and another briefing about the day ahead. Sunday had about 20 knots of wind witch gradually died down throughout the day. In the morning we started with another round the clock exercise then went down wind with our spinikers up for some gybing on the whistle. Unfortunately me and Catherine managed to turtle the boat and Johnny caught it all on tape. Oops. After a while in the water we eventually turned it the correct way up and joined the rest of the group for some taking on the whistle, follow my leader and then a mini race in pairs in for lunch. In the afternoon we put all the new skills together and did some wind ward leeward races concentrating on starts and gust control in witch me and Catherine managed to capsize yet again. Thanks to Johnny and Matt for coaching us and for making it a great weekend.

By Ellie Hide


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