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Mirror 38564

13 Jul 2012 19:02 #21183 by Phil Middleton
Mirror 38564 was created by Phil Middleton
Dad bought me Mirror 38564,brand spanking new, from Bell Woodworking fully assembled, and ready to go. which I sailed quite succesfully in the seventies, before moving into the Graduate class. I sold the boat to the Brotherton brothers, after I had taught them to sail. Paul is now an ex-Olympic sailor, and wondered if the "old girl" is still about? Just bought an old Mirror dinghy to sail single handed in our midweek series. Had a 1 1 1 1 1 1 1etc. The juniors are all rolling up to try and beat me. Takes me back to the enthusiasm we had then. Trouble is they don't have as much concentration in light winds as we learned quite quickly-trim burgee trim-heel-GO, keep trimming.
Hopefully I'm hoping to join the single handed circuit next season.
Mirror 38564 was a controversial boat, as a youngster, and innovator, Ididn't flout the rules, just read the grey areas in between, e.g. I had a mast step made from Tuphnol, because Ifound after heavy weather sailing, the step had an imprint forward, where the mast had bent, and literally dug into the plywood step. alloy masts came into the rules,and this addition was of great benefit.Spinnakers came next,chut was acquired,and crane. I spotted a great pole system, on I think i was a Scorpion. Wire on the front of the mast, special fitting on the end of the pole. Clip on guy, pull up kite, pull down pole on mast,trim,easy.
Anyway I digress any info on M38564 would be appreciated.

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10 Aug 2012 19:19 #21185 by Bob Towler
Replied by Bob Towler on topic Re: Mirror 38564
Hi Phil.
Not seen the boat boat would just like to welcome you to the delights of single handed Mirror sailing.


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11 Aug 2012 18:12 #21186 by Phil Middleton
Replied by Phil Middleton on topic Re: Mirror 38564
Hi Bob T,
thanks for that,I'm really enjoying single handed Wednesdays midweek series although it is now coming to a close. 21 races 10 discards, Im on course for the slow handicap trophy. It has been great to encourage more slow handicap sailors out midweek, although the juniors have still to learn patience in the lighter airs. Maybe try to get to an open or two this season, if not definately next season. Looking forward to meeting you all, in a class I learned to sail in, and still have great admiration for.

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