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Notes from informal meeting on SWE Ferry

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29 Oct 2008 08:57 #20386 by Simon Lovesey
Notes from informal meeting on SWE Ferry was created by Simon Lovesey
Informal Worlds Meeting Notes
Ferry between Denmark and Harwich
August 2008
Peter Aitkin, Simon Lovesey, Charlotte Peterson, Trevor Lloyd, David Peterson

Race Format
Target 14 races
Tue 4 11am
Wed 4
Thur 4
Fri Lay
Sat 2 10am
1 discard

Appendix P 9 720-720-720 retire

Mirror Beach Worlds
Fun/Short/Sunny/max wind 15knots
Close to shore
Parent support
Coached in racing
Opportunity to watch Worlds if possible
Improve your boat

Paperwork on-site
Jenny C-J + 5 helpers
Ask Clare Lovesey
Fiona Courage

Shirt like at Cadets

Peter Bentley

Henri Lloyd
Helly Hanson
Dinghy magazine

Local Shops

Coasters-Trevor Lloyd
Country prizes from each
Club prizes

Prize Draw Winder -Mike Hill

Jib Numbers
1 side only or back to back
last 2 numbers on the sail
Put on by measurement team
Paint tthe sail number on trolleys

MCA Secretary

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29 Oct 2008 12:24 #16297 by Martin Egan
I calculate that the chances of the last two sail numbers being unique will become vanishingly small as the number of boats increases towards 100. I was never into probability, but I believe the formula (assuming the last two digits are random) would be;

Probability of 1st boat having unique number = 1
Probability of 2nd boat having unique number = 99/100 (as there are now only 99 unique numbers left out of the 100 possible)
Probability of 3rd boat having unique number = 98/100
and so on.
Probability of 100th boat having unique number = 1/100

Probability of all boats having unique number is calculated by multiplying all the above probabilities together, i.e.

1 X 99/100 X 98/100 X ...............X 2/100 X 1/100 = approx 0
(the last two terms by themselves are .02 X .01 = .002)

So you will have to have some mechanism for dealing with duplicates and filling in gaps. So if the jib number is not the same as the last two digits on the sail in some cases, why bother ? It's got to be easier to just allocate them in a sequence. However, I've not organised a major event like this before, so maybe I'm missing somthing.

As the event is open entry, I had assumed the aim was for there to be more than 100 boats sailing (even if you reduce it down later with a gold fleet), in which case jib numbers will have to be 3 digits. Using the last 3 digits reduces (but does not eliminate) the "non-unique number" problem, but gives a number range 0 - 999 nearly 10 times bigger than what is actually needed and which will be difficult to handle (i.e. for tallies,...).

From a race management point of view the numbers need to be on both sides (the race management team should be spotting boats OCS from the windward and leeward end).

I think competitors should be responsible for putting their own jib numbers on (they will need instructions about where they go, and some space, tables, rulers to help them). With 100+ boats to put through measurement I think the measurement team will be too busy to do this, and could open themselves up to endless complaints if they are put on less than perfectly or are positioned where cometitors think they interfere with their tell tales etc.

Also a bit confused over schedule as it does not not agree with what is on the Worlds site which has racing starting on Monday and finishing on Friday with evening prizegiving (no lay days).

Edited by - MartinEgan on 29 October 2008 12:26:36

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29 Oct 2008 20:49 #16299 by Simon Lovesey
Replied by Simon Lovesey on topic Notes from informal meeting on SWE Ferry
The schedule on the Worlds Website is the correct one, these are notes from an informal meeting where we didn't have access to all the details and reflect the thoughts of some present

MCA Secretary

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31 Oct 2008 19:23 #16306 by Trevor Lloyd
The proposal is that the first boat
with last numbers of 37 would be 37
2nd boat with 37 would become 237
3rd boat with 37 would become 337 etc

Naturally this assumes we have less than 200 entries.


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